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Dallas Spotlight: DJ Sober

Art and music capture people the most rapturous ways. Take a look at this short film on how local musician/artist, DJ Sober, came onto the music scene and what possesses him to hunger for more. This short was the creation of one of my fantastic peeps via Kidrobot, Josh Obama.

Download the trax to officially kick off summer beats! Here is the link for “Automatic” a collaboration between DJ Sober and DJ A1. (click on the thumbs below to enlarge)

Warm summer kisses to you all!


Kick-assery! “Things That Hurt”

:giggles:  I’d like to share a little something with you guys that brings me joy.  Course, it’s always that little things in life that give you added dimension and in this case, some flavor in the form of kick-assery adornment!

I got this (pictured below) as a gift recently as I had in the past, lost my own start of this collection.

Grenade (Things That Hurt)

Grenade (Things That Hurt)

This cute little grenade is a soft vinyl, zipper pull from a series called “Things That Hurt” made by kidrobot.  I used to have the green grenade, but have somehow misplaced it (easy to do since they are so small!)  This series of little things that cause pain brings me such joy that I literally squealed in joy when I got this little guy.  It was like my grenade was coming home to me!

I could not resist adding to my collection so shortly after being reunited with my grenade, I chanced another Things That Hurt (they come in blind boxes, you never know what you’re getting) and got this:

Brass knuckles (Things That Hurt)

Brass knuckles (Things That Hurt)

Brass knucks!!  I was jumping up and down in the comic book store.  I bet I looked scary. LOL!

Anyway, there are many other Things That Hurt in this collection. There’s handguns, missiles, money, bullets, razor blades, switchblades, and lastely, a heart.  All but the money and the heart come in a variety of colors as well so there’s a total of 18 different Things That Hurt.

Shane Jessup is the artist behind this cute but deadly collection (very me, right?)   He also designs some of the dunnies.  Here’s a low down of his recent work.

Go get some Things That Hurt from kidrobot. Check out the whole collection online.  They can also be easily found at a comic book store near you.