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Dallas Spotlight: DJ Sober

Art and music capture people the most rapturous ways. Take a look at this short film on how local musician/artist, DJ Sober, came onto the music scene and what possesses him to hunger for more. This short was the creation of one of my fantastic peeps via Kidrobot, Josh Obama.

Download the trax to officially kick off summer beats! Here is the link for “Automatic” a collaboration between DJ Sober and DJ A1. (click on the thumbs below to enlarge)

Warm summer kisses to you all!


A KungFu Girl Finds Music – Dallas Spotlight on Guitarist, Michael Tillman

The light is dim and atmospheric, serving to highlight the diverging conversation held at each table and social cluster. Wood wine barrels line the stage with local art displayed atop each barrel. The Wine Therapist celebrates art, music, fine wine, and conversation. The performer tonight is a 32-year old guitarist, Michael Tillman. His style is a fascinating mix of classical and Brazilian finger-style. His music is classical in body, incorporating Brazilian finger-style in rhythm and improvisation. Even though he is still a music student at TX WU, he has produced a 30- track CD and several stand-alone compositions available for public consumption.

Tillman takes position on a backed bar chair and warms his fingers in deliberate motions, a tango between his hands and the nylon-stringed guitar. The music fills and warms the room in spite of the chilly and damp weather just outside the doors tonight. His musical selections are Spanish in origin and eloquently executed. It is a fast paced and melodic- the music gathers, slides, and dances around the Wine Therapist.

I feel at ease now. Whatever stresses that had clung to me have melted away with the soft notes. I look up from my wine and notice that the musician is perfectly framed beneath a painting called “Four Women”. It’s as if the music has transfixed them in a moment of elegance.

I do like to surround myself with people who know how to harness their own creative energies. Michael’s love of music began at age twelve when there was nothing cooler than being a guitarist, but it was the classical guitar that chose him. I’m always amazed at self-taught creative people. You can tell that it’s not just a passing fancy with this type of self-propelled motivation into an art or craft. Michael learned how to play classical guitar music by ear. “Scarlatti’s Sonata in E minor” was his first competition piece.

His selections tonight range from jazz to Brazilian, from classical to improvised. Michael begins another piece with vocals. (Yes, he sings as well!) He taught himself how to sing in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. His voice is sculpted and well matched for this type of music. It doesn’t hurt that these languages are so lovely when sung.

The crowd responds to each composition they enjoy with applause and whistles. I kill the bottle of wine I have tonight. It’s called “Kung fu Girl”, a 2008 Reisling from Washington State with notes of pear. Apt, no? Over the years, I have had the opportunity to watch and hear Michael grow his musical talent and it is a treat every time to hear him play.

Michael Tillman can be seen performing at The Wine Therapist in Lakewood every Thursday night from 7pm to close.

As a special treat, here Michael is performing at the Kessler Theater, currently in renovations. This is part of a larger series of musical taped at various stages of construction, called “Resurrecting the Kessler” which can be found on YouTube.



DALLAS-CENTRIC: A New Series of Blog Posts Centering on Dallas Events And People

I’m proud to announce the start of a new series of posts to my blog focusing on events and people of Dallas. There’s so much that is wonderful about the city of Dallas and the people who live here. Why not share it with the world?

The first of this series should be up later this week. So if you live in Dallas, or are just curious, I’d encourage you to look out for them!

Also, I wanted to point out that the pictures from Chinese Lunar New Years at the Crow Collection of Asian Art in downtown are up on my Twitpic. They feature the J. K. Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy’s dragon and lion dance team performing a spectacular night show. I’d say that it was the best show they’ve so yet!

-zen out.

Happy Lunar New Year! Here’s where to celebrate in the DFW area

Happy Lunar New Year!! This new year kicks off the year of the Tiger and what better way to celebrate than with traditional festivities? Here are locations in the local DFW area where celebrations are being held. My bro is part of the performance team at the renowned J. K. Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy. If you’ve never seen a dragon or lion dance, I urge you to come out to see!

The following shows feature a combination of multiple lions dancing (as is pictured at the top of post), a 72-foot long dragon guided by 9 people (for select shows – Great Wall Super Buffet, New Truong Nguyen, Crow Collection of Asian Art, & Bistro B), and martial arts demonstrations. There is no cost to attend any of these shows.

The lion dance is a Chinese tradition that is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness for the new year. For more information about the Chinese New Year tradition, please visit our performance team’s website at:

Friday 2/19: 8pm -Crow Collection of Asian Art

2010 Flora St, Dallas 75201

Festivities begin at 6pm. Glow in the dark Dragon Dance performance at The Crow!

Saturday, 2/20: 11am – Nam Hung Supermarket

1700 E. Pioneer Parkway, Arlington, TX 76010

Saturday, 2/20: 3pm – Bistro B

9780 Walnut Street, Dallas, TX 75243

Sunday, 2/21: 1pm – Hiep Thai Supermarket

3347 West Walnut Street, Garland, TX 75042

Do try to arrive early in order to secure a good spot to watch! For those with small children, be aware that outdoor shows will have firecrackers lit so it will be very loud. These festivities tend to be very crowded so I recommend leaving strollers at home.

Hint on interacting with Lions after the show: It is traditional to give an offering to the lions for good luck and to thank them for scaring away bad spirits. What this means is that you can give the Lions a donation by feeding it(cash is easiest, traditionally given in red envelope, but by itself is fine as well).

If you’ve never been to a Lunar New Year show, I highly recommend it! This is a great cultural experience for all.