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The value of health

This being my first entry in my spin-off blog about lessons learned, tea, & kick-assery here at WordPress, I feel like I need to address something very important to kick off this blog properly.

For those of you that know me, ya’ll know that I’ve had a rough year when it comes to my health. When you’re challenged with something as life-altering as long term illness, I gotta say that you learn a lot about yourself during this time and where your priorities lie.  Most of all, you learn the value of your own health.

With pace of our lives getting faster by the day, it is very easy to forget or overlook eating well or to exercise.  Taking care of yourself is often pushed aside to make time for all these other tasks that you just ‘have to get done today’.   When it comes down to it, the most important aspect of your life is really your health.  Believe me, your life slows considerably when concern for your health is at the forefront of your life.   When you don’t have your health, everything else seems to fall away.

Having been on the side of being unwell where you need assistance to do the simplest things, I can totally understand how the elderly and other folks with health issues have to live their lives.  It is a quite a blow when you realize that you can’t do things for yourself. You start to question your self-worth, your value as a contributing member of society, and fundamentally, who you are.

What are you without your health?

As a young person looking at this, we define ourselves by what we do and our station in life with our family, friends, and peers.  What are you when you can no longer do these things or actively participate with in a relationship with people you care about?  Obviously, the perspective on this is different when you are aged and require assistance.  Aging cannot be prevented, but while you have your health, ENJOY & MAINTAIN IT!

People say,  ‘Treat your body like a temple’.  Often it is easier said than done, but this advice rings true with me.  Consider what you love in your life and what your life would be like if you could not do/have these things in your life.  So, please do take the time each day to care for yourself.   You won’t have anything if you don’t have your health!